About Robotic Partial Nephrectomy

If you were diagnosed with kidney cancer many years ago, you would usually undergo the removal of your whole kidney or what we call a radical nephrectomy. The reason for this was due mainly because most kidney tumors were discovered late in the process when the tumor was large and at advanced stages.
Today we are able to discover most kidney cancers when they are small and at the tumor’s early stages. When this is the case, we can often remove just the tumor, with a small margin of normal kidney tissue, and preserve the rest of the kidney. This is called a partial nephrectomy.

partial nephrectomy is better for maintaining more normal kidney function when compared to people who have their whole kidney removed.
Robotic partial nephrectomy using the DaVinci® robotic system can be a beneficial alternative for surgical patients with kidney cancer. This surgical procedure provides results that are similar to traditional laparoscopic surgery and open tissue trauma. It reduces the risk of infection, provides for less visible scars and provides the potential for faster recovery from surgery.


Robotic Partial Nephrectomy can provide all the advantages of the minimally invasive procedure with improved accuracy in excising the tumor and provide a shorter time the kidney is not receiving blood.

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